A-2 23379 Dubow model

The 23379 contract was originally produced by the J. A. Dubow Manufacturing Co of Chicago Illinois.

Contracted in December 1941 it was first made without the ‘Property Air Force US Army’  label, which is located under the main label at the neck. Part way through the production of the contract it was ordered that the main labels needed to contain this information, so Dubow produced an additional label and sewed them underneath the main label.

This model is a very accurate recreation of this contract and carries the Buzz Ricksons brand name.

Made from a beautiful veg-tanned horsehide, the skin is hand-dyed and treated to give a mottled effect that lends itself to an endearing vintage appearance. Further wear will only enhance and bring out this vintage look the more it is worn.

Chest Size
Price £1,099.99