USN Mil-J-7758A

Produced in the 1950s, the J-7758A was the successor to the popular M-421A model of WWII, and the AN6551. The design was inspired by the upper body of a flight suit made from similar fabric. The back of the jacket has 'action' pleats that allow for better mobility, just like the Navy's G-1 leather flight jacket.

The design had a number of improvements from its predessors, such as a built in cord down the front of the jacket along side the zip track to prevent the slider catching in the fabric and tearing it - a common problem with the other designs.

It's light-weight, simple, practical design meant it was perfect for warmer missions, and could be worn over just a shirt, or sometimes as an extra layer over the full-piece flight suit.

This stunning reproduction exquisitely captures every original detail. Most impressively the original fine-weave cotton twill has been reproduced to absolute perfection. 


100% Cotton Twill
Mil spec. Urea
Buzz Rickson Mfg. co.
Garment Size
Price £299.99