Buzz Rickson's was established in 1993. The brand name is taken from the character played by Steve McQueen in the 1961 movie 'The War Lover'.

We appreciate being recognized as one of high-end reproduction vintage flight jacket manufacturers in the world, although we recognize there are many fine products out there made by others.

It was a feeling of pride for a country to make flight jackets which protected the lives of their aviators; it was done at enormous cost, unfathomable number of experiments and required a huge labor force. Knowledge, state of the art materials and sewing technologies of the times were combined to achieve this detail. We adhere strictly to the specifications, materials, and the craftsmanship to recreate the original charm of each garment.

Buzz Rickson's strives to make true replicas of flight jackets. We carefully research and analyze existing vintage flight jackets. We then make every effort to duplicate the material paying close attention to the woven fabric techniques.

Firstly, we clarify the exact time the material was made by examining the structure of the fiber, weaving method and spinning technology. For instance, in the case of nylon, we examine the existing nylons to confirm the melting point and conduct an infrared ray spectrum analysis to determine the change in infrared rays and temperature.

If we are not already producing the unique material and have no way to obtain such a sample, we will make the material ourselves based on known specifications. However, there have been times when we haven't been able to make the construction with the spinning and weaving machines available now. In those cases, we were forced to find old broken spinning and weaving machines and repair them to achieve our results.