The M-65 combat jacket is of course one those garment designs that came out of the military which has gained design-classic status. Used extensively in the Vietnam campaign, the M-65 was standard GI issue.

The roots of it's design can be traced to the M-41, which was the standard GI combat jacket of early WWII. Evolving through the decades the M-65 was the end result of all that was learned through several major conflicts.

During, and after, the Vietnam war, the M-65 was not only the combat soldiers favourite, but it also penetrated civvy street culture after it was adopted by supporters of the anti-war movement. Indeed, ironically, the M-65 became to represent that which opposed war more than it was a symbol of it; protestors would often adorn their M-65's in anti-war slogans and badges. Even disaffected war veterans returning home would continue to wear their M-65's, grow their hair long, and wander the country in homeless defiance - this was perfectly depicted in the bestselling book and film 'First Blood'.

Buzz have re-created the famous M-65 in their perfect 100% authentic offering. From the military grade satin-backed cotton, to the custom-made authentic Crown zips - this is the finest representation of this style ever produced outside of a government contract.


Heavy Cotton Satin-Backed
Warp Cotton/Weft Nylon
Olive Drab
Crown Aluminium Spring Auto-Lock
Mil-spec Urea
Buzz Ricksons Mfg Co. Ltd
Garment Size
Price £449.99