A-2 23380 Rough Wear model

The Rough Wear Clothing Co was a particularly productive factory in that they received several contracts for A-2 jackets during the 30s and 40s.

The US Army Air Corps mandated the labelling of ‘Property Air Force US Army’ in each jacket in 1942, so two labels are sewn in this model A-2 as this contract was already in production when the mandate occurred.

The Rough Wear model A-2 has a distinctive design, with noticeable features unique to this maker such as the large collar with collar stand.

The leather used for this model is is tanned by soaking Italian raw hides in a tank with tannin extracted from bark, and the slowly tanning them over time while adjusting the concentration.

After being carefully tanned, seal brown aniline dye is rubbed into the leather by craftsmen. The slight mottling of the shade is a trademark of leather made in this way, and is a finish that is admired by leather aficionados. Compared to lacquered leather, aniline dye-finished leather has a more transparent colour, so it develops a beautiful patina which becomes ever more beautiful the longer it is worn.


Veg-tanned, aniline-dyed, Bronco hide
Talon Mil. spec. Nickel finish
Nickel plated brass
Authentic Ball-Stud model, black oxidised brass
Rough Wear Clothing Co.
Chest Size
Price £1,099.99