U.S. Navy Pea Coat

This classic has become universally known as a 'Pea Coat'. The name, it is said, originated from the Dutch word 'pijjekker', in which 'pij' referred to the type of fabric used for the outer shell. The 'pij' fabric translates in English as 'Pilot cloth' or, more simply 'P-cloth'; the pilot of a ship or boat being the original crewman identified wearing this coat design.

The US Navy's original Pea Coat was fabricated from heavy 36-ounce melton wool and up until the late 1930s featured black bakelite buttons displaying an anchor surrounded by 13 stars (these depicted the original 13 states of the United States when they won independence).

It is without doubt another timeless classic, which looks as in-place today as it ever did.


36 Ounce Melton Wool
Rayon Satin
Mil Spec. Urea (13 Star & Anchor motif)
Naval Clothing Factory
Garment Size
Price £699.99