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Product Aftercare

Buzz Rickson's cloth and nylon flight jackets:

Buzz Rickson flight Jackets have been made with great attention to detail , adhering to the original specs as closely as possible. Due to the natural materials in each garment, we recommend you do NOT wash the jackets in washing machines or dry clean. Nor do we recommend use of a dryer. Doing so can result in damage (shrinkage, transformation, color change, ink fading, etc). If you need to clean your flight jacket, first spot test in a less obvious part of the jacket. Spot clean with a mild soap and cloth. Note this can lead to irregular coloring. CAUTION: In our effort to faithfully reproduce each detail, the main label says "DRY CLEAN ONLY." In fact, we do NOT recommend this.

Buzz Rickson's leather flight jackets:

If the leather becomes dirty, wipe off with a clean cloth or a soft brush. Wearing the jacket frequently is the best maintenance. When not wearing, keep it in a mold-free, well ventilated place. If the jacket gets wet, dry in a shaded and a well ventilated place. As the moisture dries, oils and fats will be taken away. Before fully drying, apply a leather conditioning cream and wipe off the excess with a dry cloth.


Hang on a thick hanger to help prevent deformation. Use moisture absorbing products and insecticides to protect. We also recommend you check it from time to time to make sure there is no moth damage or mold damage.


Be careful to take it to a reputable and trusted cleaner. Note that cleaning can change the leather, markings, inks and materials permanently. The best maintenance tip is for you to take care and love your jacket by wearing it often.