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TYPE G-1 7823 \'SUKA\'

TYPE G-1 7823 'SUKA'

REDUCED to clear end of line - formerly £1000

U.S. Navy Type G-1, 7823 model with stunning hand embroidered 'Suka' lining panel.

During the 1950s American servicemen based in Japan would often purchase 'Sukajan' souvenir jackets from local shops while on leave. These were rayon-satin blouson style jackets with hand embroidered exotic designs such as dragons, eagles and motifs sewn upon them. Occasionally, for whatever reason, may be due to wear, or just preference, the airman would the cut the back panel out of his jacket, and hand-sew it inside the lining of his issue G-1 flight jacket.

The Buzz 'Suka' G-1 is a stunning recreation of this concept. The jacket itself is a perfect reproduction of the 7823 model. Made from a supple goatskin, the garment has been given an aging process which gives the garment a very attractive subtle vintage patina.

Very limited production.


Aged patina
Rayon Satin with hand sewn and embroidered 'Suka' panel
Authentic Conmar in Blackened Brass
Mil spec. Urea
Buzz Ricksons Sportswear
Price £599.99